TNALT is focused on developing the nation's largest Locum-Tenens (LT) association that is comprised of exclusively member-only clinicians. The association is a sounding board for business direction, based on latest technology disruptions. We have brought our team to the table to form an "Information Sharing" initiative through the next generation market-network.

Our Values

We believe that technology can better enable the physician to accomplish their job, and enhance patient quality of care/life. We also believe that the physician deserves to be in better control of their own future. The interdependence of the physician, and the hospital can be better managed. The physician also should realize a better revenue model, with greater alignment of the revenue generated, with those providing the actual service.

It is understood the ancillary costs of healthcare (e.g. brick and mortar etc.) need to be accounted for, but the existing expense models appropriate funds for these services at the expense of an adequate proportion going to the physician. Hospitals exist as a direct result of the physicians that staff same.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate, facilitate, and organize locum tenens physicians (who are a very diverse group with no common platform).

Create a model for disruption of the medical industry by providing more control, and accountability in the hands of the physicians, while enhancing patient care.

Empowering Physician Locum-Tenens (e-physicians)

  • “electronic,” where they use digital technologies in their practice with ease
  • “enabled,” where they are enabled by regulations and guidelines
  • “empowered,” where they are empowered by technologies that support their job and their empowered patients (e-patients)
  • “experts” in the use of technologies in their practice or in knowing the best, most reliable, and trustworthy digital health sources and technologies
  • “engaged,” when understanding the feelings and points of view of their patients, giving relevant feedback, and involving them throughout the whole healing process.

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